Sunday, 27 December 2009

January Class Kit

For those of you that are useing the class kit on 10th January here are the photo sizes for you:
2 . . . 6" X 4" Landscape.
2 . . . 6" X 4" Portrait.
It is a Christmas themed double page layout.
Do not worry if you have not got photos printed out ready as you will be able to add the photos at a later stage.

Happy New Year to you all.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Funcrop dates 2010

10th January
7th February
14th March
18th April
16th May
13th June
4th July
1st August
5th September
17th October
14th November
5th December
All crops to be held at:Hadland Community
CentreHadland Road,
OX14 3YH
Between 10am and 4pm.
It will only cost you £8 for a full days cropping.
Tea, coffee and soft drinks biscuits etc are included in the price.Our crops are very popular and booking your place is essential.
Please contact

Thursday, 5 November 2009

15th November crop

Hi all those looking for the piccy requirements for the crop next week you will need one photo that is roughly 6" x 5.5" this can alter by roughly an inch on either or both measurements so it's not crucial. They will need to go on a pink/green LO.
Looking forward to seeing you there.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Birthday Crop.

Here is a selection of photos from our Birthday Crop.
It really was a lovely day, with a lot of fantastic work being done.
Everyone enjoyed the kits, make and takes and the chatting.
Anne provided us with a glorious cup cake tower that was appreciated by everyone alongside all the other yummy goodies that were brought along by our Funcrop friends.
This was all rounded off with a great Chinese meal!
It has been a wonderful first year and we are now looking forward to another fun filled year with lots of exciting projects and activities in the planning.
Thank you all so much for making the Funcrops such a success.

Friday, 28 August 2009

First Birthday all day crop

We can't believe that a week Sunday is our first birthday and that it has come round so fast. All the planning we have been doing is finally coming to fruition!
Dont forget the timing has changed and it is 9am to 9pm.
You will need to bring lots of photos with you, together with your normal tool kit, lunch and your camera. You can bring some of your own things to crop but we suggest you don't bring too much extra ....There is going to be a lot of things for you to do;
A LO(single or double 12x12) kit that Kay has put together (which Shirley and I are a bit envious of) the colours in the kit are autumnal brown, orange, blue and green.
Please bring your own inks/paint/pens for this LO.
A mini book kit in black red and white that I have put together, you can put small photos on if you want to but it is completely optional and they are not necessary.
Again please bring your own inks/paint/pens.
There will be demonstrations during the day that Shirley, Kay and I will each be doing.
We will have lots of books and things to give you ideas to do the kits as there will be prizes, both spot prizes and for the challenges! and dont forget there will be goodie bags too We really look forward to seeing you but please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.
Sal, Kay & Shirley

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Scrapbook Inspirations magazine

To help us celebrate our 1st Birthday Scrapbook Inspirations have featured us in their September issue.

Shirley sent them a selection of photos to choose from, they used 3 great shots, here they are along with all the others submitted:

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Kay's August Class

Kay’s Multiple photo LO class for August crop:
The sizes of your photos needed for this class are as follows:-
1 x 7.5” wide by 5.5” high
5 x 1.5” wide by 2.5” high
16 x 3” wide by 2” high

All the smaller photo’s can be printed to size or cropped from larger pictures that you wouldn’t necessarily scrap otherwise.
This is a great LO for using up a series of pictures on a common theme that don’t deserve a LO to themselves but are definitely worthy of being scrapped.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Advance Notice

Just an advance note to those who weren't there - our September crop on 6th September is to be a special 12 hour crop as it is our first birthday 10am to 10pm.
Bring your own lunch but a meal in early evening will be provided.
A kit for you to do.
Tea, coffee etc provided.
There will also be challenges and possibly a game or little quiz.
All this for just £30.
If you want to attend, a deposit of £5 can be paid asap and the remaining balance will need to be paid by the August crop at the latest.
Really hope you can join us as it will be a great day .

Sunday, 29 March 2009

April Crop

Hi I'm trying to get you all the info for next crops class if you're doing it so I'll pop it here to incase you see this first.
You need 1 at 9"x6" landscape 1 at 9"x6" portrait and 2 at 6"x6" these sixes are important and 3 of these pictures will be cut into parts this is fine even with people in though, I've used us and it works fine.
Don't worry if you can't get this sorted for the crop as the basis of the LO can always be completed and the pictures can be added later.
Have fun see you then if not before.

Saturday, 31 January 2009

February Class Kit

Hi all, thought you may be looking for info for the class for next week so if you are booked for it and want to do it on the day, you will need a photo in portrait orientation that is 7.5" x 5.5".
The colours are from the basic grey wassail range, so are muted browny greens with red tinges and accents. I hope that helps in your photo selection if not remember the kit is a grab bag so you can easily take it away to complete at your leisure.
Looking forward to seeing you all,

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Future Crop Dates
11th January
8th February
8th March
19th April
17th May
14th June
5th July
16th August
6th September special 1st birthday crop
11th October
15th November
6th December
All crops to be held at:
Hadland Community CentreHadland Road,
OX14 3YH
Between 10am and 4pm
Cost £5 except for 12 hour birthday crop.
See details in above post.
Our crops are very popular and booking your place is essential.
Please contact

Saturday, 3 January 2009


We are not far away from our first crop for 2009 now and we are looking forward to seeing everyone.
In the meantime if you are looking for some inspiration and want to put some kits together before you come to the next crop this pencil lines site is a great site with some really fabulous page ideas.
A few photos from the December Crop.